Case Study

Sports Performance Management company

YD Sports Desk Case Study
‘Wherever possible, Youvale always tries to assist or pitch ideas and solutions to improve our processes and analyses. She set-up and maintained several of our sports performance databases, greatly improving our process of using and analysing the vast amount of data.
Her broad array of skills has assisted us on both small and long-term projects and from desk research to analyses. Set targets have always been met due to clear communication, her abilities and punctuality’.
Owner Sports Performance Management company.

A Sports Performance Management company came to me with the following challenges:

  • No clear system/database to analyse sports performance data over time and from different sources
  • Not enough time to properly set-up a database for the long term
  • Sports performance data and information available at numerous external sources – how to collect it so it can be analysed and compared to their own data
  • Project specific tasks

What did I do for them?

I worked on several different projects with the company, some long-term and others just one-off.
The main services I provided were:

  • Setting-up and maintaining several, connected sports performance databases, making it easier to process, use and analyse the data
  • Making analyses and reports from the data
  • Desk research to collect external data and for specific project information
  • Project assistance

Concerns from the client before partnering with YD Sports Desk

Naturally the client had concern before entering into our successful partnership.

Firstly, they wondered whether I could manage the many different tasks.
Due to the nature of the company, they required me to perform all kinds of tasks. Data processing and analyses, setting up databases and desk research are just a few examples. Eventually I was able to perform most of the tasks they wanted me to do. The two or three occasions that I determined I was not the right woman for the job; I clearly communicated that to the client and provided them with an alternative.

They were also concerned with the sensitivity of their data and the possibility of it getting public. So we decided to put a clause of confidentiality in the contract.

Successful partnership

So for the last couple of years we have been able to make plans on where I could assist the business and then turned those plans into successful outcomes.