YD Sports Desk helps you with your day-to-day business and by providing quality content. I offer three main services:

  • Virtual Assistant
  • Copy & Editing
  • Translating

Virtual Assistant

As Virtual Assistant I will digitally assist you with your day-to-day business. I will support you so your business runs smoother and more efficient. Tasks you normally try to avoid or that cost a lot of energy, you can outsource to me, giving you the chance to focus on your core business.

Examples of the kind of work I can do for you are:

  • Administrative tasks | E.g. client correspondence, invoicing, etc.
  • Desk research | Researching a certain topic or business opportunity and report back
  • Website and social media | Maintain your website and social media channels. Setting up a WordPress website is also a possibility.
  • Project specific tasks | Any sort of task you are looking to outsource

Copy & Editing

With my Copy & Editing service I offer quality content to your business. Content could be:

  • Articles | E.g. news, lists, interviews, in-depth research. Sports and non-sports subjects
  • Website copy | Business website or blog content
  • Content in both English and Dutch


I can translate your content from English to Dutch and vice versa. This would let you target English or Dutch speaking clients and customers in their own language.